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7 Tips To Find The Best Tree Removal Service

There are many reasons why it is essential to choose a professional tree removal service in Missoula to ensure that the job is done right the first time as well as prevent any damage to your property. Keeping these factors in mind will also help you find the best tree removal service.

1. Qualifications

It may not seem necessary to hire a qualified arborist to get rid of a tree but their expertise is actually required in assessing the best manner to remove a tree, the steps to take and the factors that need to be taken into consideration. Don’t simply accept a claim to being an arborist, but ask if they are certified to remove trees and request the certificate.

2. Experience

It is always best to hire a tree removal expert who is experienced at working in the industry and has successfully removed trees for a number of years. Ask your potential arborist for references that you can check and actually check these references.

Also, ensure that they are skilled at providing different types of tree removal services from basic seasonal pruning to removal of overhanging or obstructive branches as well as removing an entire tree. Their skill set should match your tree removal requirements.

3. Tools And Equipment

Your arborist should have all the necessary tools and equipment to perform the task at hand. They may need additional training and qualifications to operate some of the tools and machinery such as a hydraulic crane. Once again, it is important to check these qualifications and not just assume that they are trained to operate the equipment.

Keep in mind that not all tree removal service providers will have the larger equipment readily available for use and may need to hire the items. This is not problematic although it may take a little longer for the service provider to get around to completing the task.

4. Tree Removal

The removal part of the service is just as important as cutting branches or an entire tree down. Make sure that your arborist offers a removal service to chop the tree into pieces and remove it entirely from your yard. It is also a good idea to find out if they provide a cleaning service.

Tree felling is a messy job and your yard is likely to be scattered with twigs, leaves and other detritus once the task has been completed. You don’t want to be left with this mess to clean up on your own or have to hire an additional garden service in order to remove the remains.

5. Location

It is always best to hire a service provider that is located near you. However, qualifications, experience, and expertise should be a priority when choosing a tree removal service so rather look further a field if necessary and search the surrounding areas or even further for the ideal arborist. Keep in mind that you may be charged for traveling expenses and costs for bringing the necessary equipment to you if you hire a provider located further from you.

6. Cost

Cost is always an important factor. The rate that the tree removal company charges is dependent on a number of different factors such as the size of the project, team that will be required to complete the task as well as the tools and equipment that will be necessary. Their experience and expertise may also play a role in determining the cost.

It is recommended to get at least 3 quotes from different Missoula arborists and compare these relative to the services that they are providing to get the best rate. Ask your preferred tree feller if they are willing to match a lower quote.

7. Insurance

It is absolutely essential to ensure that the tree removal service and each member of the team that will be working on the project is insured against injury. Normal medical insurance does not cover the cost of injuries incurred as a result of a high-risk job such as tree felling and additional insurance is necessary.

If they are not insured, you could be held liable for medical expenses if someone is injured on the job. You could also be held liable for damage to equipment or tools if these have not been insured by the tree removal company. It is a legal requirement for tree fellers to be insured but it is up to you to check whether they have the necessary cover before starting the job.

Final Thoughts

You may also want to check if your property insurance covers the cost of any damage that may occur during the tree felling process. For example, if a limb falls on the roof, walls or other structures, causing damage, will your insurance cover the cost of repairs to your home or property? It is also best to ensure that no-one is on the property and that all items such as cars are removed from harm’s way during the tree removal process.