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In the meantime, here are a few reasons to consider using an agent when shopping for insurance.

The Different Reasons Why You Should Use A Health Insurance Agent

Opting for a health insurance plan is always a good idea, particularly if you experience a personal medical condition.  It is important, however, that the health insurance plan in Missoula suits both your medical needs and your financial budget so you don’t find yourself in debt.  While it is possible to find a plan independently or use government-exchange navigators, these may see you struggle to find the most suitable alternative.  This article will provide information on why using a health insurance agent is the most beneficial option to find a suitable health insurance plan.
1.  How Does A Health Insurance Agent Different From A Government-Exchange Insurance Navigator?
• Application For Subsidies
Both government-exchange navigators and health insurance agents will assist you in applying for health insurance subsidies.  The only difference is that the latter professional will assist in finding subsidies that are significantly lower and will help meet your budget, particularly if you are paying ‘out-of-pocket’ for the premiums.
Plans Outside Of The Government Exchange
Unfortunately, government-exchange navigators are not able to provide access to plans outside of the government exchange.  This means that if you are not utilizing a subsidy, you will not be able to obtain any health insurance package.  A health insurance agent can offer access to other insurance company plans; as well as plans that will remove tax penalties but are available outside of government exchanges.
• Making Personal Plan Recommendations
Only the best health insurance agents are able to make personal plan recommendations based on personal budgets and needs.  This is because these professionals are trained and registered with the relevant state authority.  An unlicensed government-exchange navigator can only assist with accessing government exchange websites.  They are not trained to offer recommendations or insight, such as insurance agents do.
• Undergoing Criminal Checks
In the majority of US states, a licensed and registered health insurance agent must undergo a criminal background check.  This, however, is not necessary for government-exchange navigators.
2.  What Are The Similarities Between Health Insurance Agents And Government-Exchange Navigators?
• No Increase In Rates
Fortunately, there is no increase in the price paid to government-exchange navigators and health insurance agents.  This means that you do not need to pay different rates to each professional regardless of the fact that health insurance agents are more skilled.
• Enrolling With Subsidy-Eligible Plans
Both government-exchange navigators and health insurance agents can help you enroll in subsidy-eligible plans.  Moreover, the majority of states allow registered agents to access the same subsidy-eligible insurance plans available via the government exchange in the state of your residence.
3.  Why Should I Opt For Health Insurance Using A Health Insurance Agent?
• Using An Agent’s Services For Free
All insurance agents, not just health insurance agents, operate using a commission structure regardless of where the plan was accessed.  Furthermore, a plan will never cost more because you chose to use a health insurance agent over a government-exchange navigator.  This is one of the greatest reasons why you should opt for an insurance agent over a government-exchange navigator.
Easy To Understand The Insurance Options
Unless you are fully aware of insurance plans and terminology, it is not simple to understand the information in health insurance packages.  Licensed agents have been trained to understand this information and can assist you in choosing the most suitable coverage for your medical requirements.
• Agents Are Advocates
Once the health insurance plan has been obtained, the agent will be available as your advocate.  This means that he or she will be available to help you renew the coverage each year and make any decisions should the plan need modification.  Furthermore, as an insurance advocate, the agent can contact the insurance company on your behalf when you have questions or need information about medical claims.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, health insurance is an important factor in a person’s life.  To purchase health insurance can be a complicated issue; however, it is possible to ease the complexity by using a health insurance agent. While a government-exchange navigator is available, health insurance agents may be the better alternative.  Using the information above, you can find the best health insurance agent for your specific medical condition and needs.