Best Accountant in Missoula, MT for 2020

the top rated accountant in the garden city

We’re working hard to find the top-rated accountant in the Garden City. We’ll be announcing our pick soon!

In the meantime, here are a few tips for helping you pick the right accountant for you.

Tips For Choosing The Best Accountant For Your Business

Choosing an accountant is a very important task because you do not want to have a bad accountant handling your company finances. When choosing an accountant, you need to take your time to ensure that you are getting the best accountant for your business. To help you do this, there are a number of tips that you can use during your search.

Determine If Location Matters

In the past, you needed to have an accountant in our local area because you would have to send them documents and you would have to go see them. This is no longer the case, with cloud-based technology making it easier to transmit all the necessary documents from your office to your accountant. However, there are still some businesses and business owners who like to have an accountant in their local area.

You need to take the time to determine if the location of your accountant really matters to you. If you are happy with virtual communication such as emails, video-conferences and secure accounting software, your accountant could be located anywhere. Using an accountant that is based elsewhere opens up your options as you can look for someone that meets all of your specifications instead of working with the one that most closely fits, but is in your area.

Of course, if you prefer to have face-to-face interactions with your accountant, you are going to need to look for one in your local area. Having a local accountant does have some perks such as being able to have them accompany you to important business meetings. In these cases, the accountant that you choose does not have to be in your local area, but will need to be willing to travel to you when needed.

Choose A Certified Or Chartered Accountant

For your peace of mind, and the security of your business, you should look for an accountant that is regulated by a professional body. Certified or chartered accountants will need to be recognized by a trade body and by the government. Chartered accountants are highly-trained professionals who have completed a degree and the relevant number of year’s experience. They will also need to complete a professional competency program to ensure that they have the skills that they need.

Of course, it is important to note that working with certified or chartered accountants will be more expensive. The knowledge that these professionals have makes it possible for them to charge higher rates. However, it is better to have these professionals on your side when you want to get a loan or when you are being audited.

You can use an accountant who is not certified for certain parts of your accounting work. However, your final accounts will need to be signed off by a certified or chartered accountant. There are certain areas where this is a legal requirement and you will need to check if this applies to where your business is located.

Look For Relevant Experience

When choosing the best accountant for your business, you need to check that they have worked with businesses similar to your own. The accountant should have experience with financial documents and tax returns for companies a similar size to yours and with similar turnovers. You will also want to find an accountant who has experience working with accounting software, particularly the software that you are already using.

While looking at experience, you might want to consider an accountant that works with clients bigger than your business. This ensures that they will be able to handle your business as it grows. There is nothing worse than having an accountant who is unable to handle the growth of your business because you will end up having to find a new one.

Interview Several Candidates

Before you make your final decision, you need to interview several candidates. You should never work with the first accountant that you find, unless you have taken the time to compare them to other accountants. An interview is a good way to determine if they are as knowledgeable as they state and if you are comfortable with them. Many business owners underestimate the importance of being comfortable with your accountant, but you need to be because you should be able to ask them questions and work closely with them without any issues.