The Best Businesses in Missoula for 2020

the top-rated businesses in missoula

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We’re putting ranking the best businesses in Missoula, so check back for a completed list very soon! In the meantime, here’s some info about the place we call “home.”

Everything You Need To Know About the Garden City…

Missoula, Montana is also known as ‘The Garden City.’ There is only one city in the state that is larger than Missoula. The city’s motto is ‘The Discovery Continues,’ and it continues for sure as you explore the city, nature and all the great things to do in Missoula. Did you know that the city was originally part of the Washington Territory? There is much to discover about the great city of Missoula MT.

The University of Montana is located in Missoula. The city is also known as a hub to five valleys. One thing you might not have known about Missoula is that it is very bike friendly. You wouldn’t necessarily think that about a city in a state like Montana, but it’s true. Now get ready for this next fun fact because it will blow your mind. Missoula used to be completely underwater. Say what?

Glacial evidence has been left behind and still exists today. Did you know that you can surf in Missoula? How cool is that? The Garden City is also known for the great craft beer that is produced there. Now, let’s talk about mining. Where do you think the largest gold nugget on record, in the entire world by the way, was mined? It was mined in Missoula MT.

Montana might be cattle country up north like Texas is down south, but guess what. Missoula is a very vegan-friendly place to live. Did you know, too, that the first woman elected to Congress was from Missoula? Her name was Jeannette Rankin. You also might not have known the year it happened, 1916.

Do you like ghost towns? They are super cool, and you might like to know that there are four of them nearby Missoula. You talk about some interesting places to visit. The town of Garnet is one of them, a step back into the Wild West. You pay a small fee to visit it and see what it was like during the Gold Rush in the 1800s.

Don’t think because the Gold Rush is over that you can’t pan for gold. There are even public gold panning areas. Plus, did you know that Montana itself has the biggest sapphire deposits of any location in the entire world? Maybe you can find both gold and sapphires.

You might think that it gets pretty cold up in Montana. It can for sure, but you might like to know that it actually doesn’t get very cold in Missoula. You are going to see plenty of bears up in that area, too. They live around there just like the people do.

Do you remember the movie ‘A River Runs Through It?’ That movie’s setting was actually Missoula MT. The city is also host to an annual International Choral Festival every July, and you can imagine with choirs from around the world, there is major talent that shows up. It would be lovely to attend or to participate.

You’ve gotten to know a lot about the great city of Missoula, Montana. To help you further immerse yourself in the city’s culture, let’s look at some of the top places of interest. A Carousel for Missoula is the top-ranked attraction, and it is located at 101 Carousel Drive. The carousel there is extra special, the pieces hand carved. With a nearby park, food and drinks and much more, it is a hit with the kids. Imagine living there and raising a family, taking the kids to such a nice area for fun and to ride the historic carousel.

Garnet Ghost Town is the 2nd ranked attraction in the area, and of course, you already know that will be a great place to visit. Then there is the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Aerial Fire Depot and Smokejumper Center and Caras Park. Caras Park is a where you go to experience the beach. The Aerial Fire Depot and Smokejumper Center is a place to visit to see what the brave men and women do that fight forest fires. You get to tour the place, and that sounds very cool.

Then there is the Dragon Hollow Play Area, which sounds really cool, too, and the Missoula Farmers Market. If I were to live in Missoula, I would be frequenting the farmers market for sure. You will want to stop by Fort Missoula Museum and many other places of interest as well.

How is that for a rundown of the best city in Montana? It sounds like Missoula has a little bit of everything and then some. It certainly sounds like a great city to live in and raise a family. I bet the University of Montana is a great school, too. You can discover all of these things and more as you make your way to The Garden City, Missoula MT.